Want to model for Carpe Diem Salon and Spa?
We are always busy and working hard here at Carpe Diem, but once a month we step out of our professional setting and tap into our creative impulses to cut/color/style just for fun. Whether a wild color or styling, either may be beyond what is practical for our clients, we'd still like to explore, so this is where you come in!

Let us play with trendy/seasonal colors, or maybe there is a twist we having been dying to put on a contemporary classic, or maybe we feel like doing some runway hair, or maybe we want to do a space-age sci-fi futuristic cut, or perhaps we are chasing the perfect a-line. Whatever the case, be our model!


How to become a model:
Send us a selfie or add & tag us on instagram: 
Let us know if you are interested in a cut, color or both

Once we've envisioned how to work with you, we will:

Arrange a time for you to come in
Provide beverages and snacks
Make your hair look awesome
Thank you for your interest! Feel free to email us directly at hengamehsalem@yahoo.com

Marble Surface

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